That’s the end of the 1st semester of study at the university. I closed the first session perfectly and it seemed that we could now forget about studying. But …
Dreams of an eight-hour sleep, friends and fun remained no more than a dream. The same day I passed my political science exam, I learned that my mother had contracted the coronavirus and now I would not be able to return home. I stayed in the dorm surrounded by 4 walls. No one else. I’ve never felt so alone. Another week of total solitude was going to be hell for me. But what happened?

The moment I realized that I wouldn’t see my friends for another week, I realized that this was a great chance for me to study… in the holidays…
in my holidays, too much happened and now I will tell you about everything in more detail.

To begin with, I took part in the winter space school from Moscow State University. It consisted of a series of conferences on politics and space and lasted for three days. Perhaps these lectures were unforgettable. I had a real chance to communicate not only with cosmonauts, but also with official representatives of ROSCOSMOS, to learn the history of cosmonautics and nuclear programs of states and to understand how all this affects global politics. I can talk about this event for a long time because it inspired me incredibly. I am interested in nuclear power and nuclear missiles, but I rarely thought about peaceful missiles, designed not to threaten humanity, but to develop its prospects. It is very surprising for me to understand that there are no state borders in space and it is really fascinating.

I also successfully passed the interview for the Moscow Model UN and became a UK delegate! It is a truly influential country on the international stage, and it is a great honor for me to be its representative on the main model of Europe. But even this is not all. In a few days, I became an ambassador of the MGIMO model in the Nizhny Novgorod region. I am now a member of the secretarial staff of this model. Moreover, I will be responsible for the delegation to Moscow, and thanks to me, the whole region can get a small discount for participation in the model. I think it’s a huge success for a freshman!

Of course, I should also mention my new article, which I sent to the Russian Academy of Sciences. The topic was Middle Eastern studies, and accordingly I decided to write about this region (again). In fact, I really like the heterogeneity of the Middle East. When we talk about the Arabian Peninsula, we find among the actors not only states, but also religious and terrorist groups, and sometimes even individuals. This really makes the region unusual to explore, and I love it.

I also took on two serious group projects that are very important to me. And I am sincerely grateful to my classmates who develop these projects together. Just on Thursday, the defense of one of them will take place, and I really hope that our project will be the best, because we have put so much effort into it. It is also important to note my team at Politpro, which is really eager to win and offers non-standard solutions to the situation.

Despite all this, I do not feel that I spent these holidays as I dreamed. Moreover, I really miss my mom, dad, and my friends. Some of them I haven’t seen for six months and now I would give anything to meet them. I would like to watch movies and read a book, but I didn’t have enough time for that. But going back, I wouldn’t change anything in my vacation. They may not have been fun for me, but they have become very interesting, informative and productive. I really felt happy that I was working and developing. Speaking of next semester, I have big plans. In part, they depend on the conference on the 11th, because if they accept our project, its implementation will be a very time-consuming process. But one way or another, I want to find myself and my area of interest. To understand what region I want to study, and what area to rely on in the future. Of course, do not forget about the UN model and most importantly about the rest. So my immediate plan is to sleep through Saturday!)